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All of you is welcome here. 

Affirmative Therapy LCSW PLLC, the Affirmative Therapy Collective, is an LGBTQIA+/GSM affirming psychotherapy practice, providing modern, engaging mental health treatment grounded in body, fat and sex positivity with social justice principles of intersectional feminism, queer theory, anti-racism and the Health at Every Size® approach at the core of how we work.

Affirmative Therapy Collective psychotherapists offer a warm, responsive presence and an interactive, deeply collaborative approach to therapy. We facilitate individual, group and relationship therapy, and when appropriate, coaching for folks in need of more focused support.

We at ATC can support you in better understanding how your past informs your present, or in examining here and now moments you’d like to deepen or improve upon. ATC psychotherapists offer special insights to those experiencing discomfort and disconnection with themselves and their bodies, whether based in traumachronic pain or illness, gender dysphoria, chronic dieting, disordered eating, and those struggling with relationship problems, LGBTQIA+/GSM issues such as claiming queerness, examining identity and sexuality, and navigating relationship dynamics, with chosen family and family of origin, friends, romantic and sexual partners and peers. 

AT psychotherapists focus on cultivating a strong partnership with you, and in doing so, will help you better understand yourself and your relationships. 

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